Two Dots UI Work

On Two Dots, we continually grew our UI adding on new features or iterating on current ones. I owned all UI features from start to finish working through wireframes, designs, implementation, visual QA and testing. For all features I worked closely with product managers to ensure feature scope and with engineers on implementation. Below is a selection of Two Dots features.

Two Dots

Lead Designer & Photo Art Director

UI/UX, Design, Art Direction


Two Dots Subscription Offer User Flow

Subscription Offer


Two Dots Subscription Offer as part of larger birthday execution in game


Leaderboard by progress, medal and star level


World Skipper to allow users to quickly jump between worlds
Most requested feature at time

World Skipper Demo


In-app purchase promos designed to allow customization
Accelerated revenue and broke KPI goals with launch


Revamped Marketplace to include new soft currency and allow in-game powerups more prominence


100th Treasure Hunt
Custom Treasure Hunt map scene and user flow to thank users for playing the feature
Unique message for users who have played and completed all 100 Treasure Hunts

Designed postcard sent to players who completed all 100 Treasure Hunts
(Quite a feat!)