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Two Dots Treasure Hunts comprise of 7 unique levels in a new destination every week which consists of a beautifully illustrated map. Players are awarded a unique medallion upon completion of all 7 levels which is added to the player’s medallion gallery and shared across social media. I worked with talented illustrators Aldo Crusher and Alex Mathers on map illustrations, providing a creative brief with my concept and art directing through to final illustration. I designed medallions for each weekly event taking inspiration from the map art. 

Two Dots

Visual Designer
& Art Director

Design, Illustration, Art Direction


Treasure Hunt map and medallion placement in game

"Shrine City"
Inspired by Hanoi, Vietnam

"Dragon Delta"
Inspired by the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

"Desert Bazaar"
Inspired by Marrakesh, Morocco

"Sunny Oasis"
Inspired by Huacachina, Peru

"Colonnade City"
Inspired by Havana, Cuba

"Barren Boutique"
Inspired by Marfa, Texas

"Painted Streets"
Inspired by Bushwick, New York

"Autumn Feast"
Inspired by Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving

"Snow Monkey Spring"
Inspired by Jigokudani Monkey park, Japan

"Autumn Acres"
Inspired by Autumn in New England

"Red-Stone City"
Inspired by Boston, Massachusetts

"Terra Town"
Inspired by Sustainable Living for Earth Day

"Crescent City"
Inspired by New Orleans

"Island of the Sun"
Inspired by the Maldives

"Fabled Citadel"
Inspired by Castles in the Sky


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