Two Dots Holiday Feature + Soft Currency Launch

For Holiday 2017 I spearheaded a player love feature to do something fun in-game to delight our players. For this feature I lead efforts to design and build a present hunt where 25 presents were hidden throughout the world map and players had to collect. Coinciding with this feature was the launch of a new soft currency in game consisting of Keys. For this feature I worked closely with the product team on the user flow, design and implementation of Keys. We integrated both features together for launch. With each present collected, players were gifted two keys which popped out of the present box. Upon finding all 25 presents, players were gifted an additional 50 keys as well as a fun holiday shareable. Keys were redeemable in the marketplace for in-game power ups, extra lives or other bonuses. Launching both features together allowed us to introduce the new soft currency in an engaging, rewarding way.

Two Dots

Visual Designer
& Art Director

Design, Illustration, Art Direction

25 presents illustated and color coordinated to match each hiding place.

On the hunt for presunts.


Hidden presents and pop up upon collection.

Still hunting.


User flow once all 25 presents have been collected. Players receive a holiday shareable and bonus keys.


UI changes for Keys launch. Marketplace, Daily Door Prizes and Promo Popups.

Holiday shareable.


Player love on Twitter.